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how to use gmail messages on gmail account

Basic emailing tasks include composing new messages, replying to and forwarding messages, and learning how to work with file attachments. Gmail offers several additional tools you can use to help you compose messages, including formatting options you can apply. You can also insert a photo, links, smiley icons (known as emoticons), and send invitations using the tools found in the message window.


Compose a Message :

The only thing you need to create a message is the email address of the person you’re messaging. You can email multiple users or just a single recipient.


1 ) Click Compose on the Mail page.


2 ) Enter the person’s email address. To continue adding more addresses, just press the Spacebar key or the comma key and type in the next address.


3 ) Enter a subject for the message.


4 ) Enter your email message.


5 ) Optionally, click the Formatting button to display a toolbar of formatting controls you can apply to your message text.


6 ) Click the Send button.


Use Existing Contacts :

If the person is already in your list of contacts, you can just type in the person’s name and Gmail displays the contact name; click the name to insert it as your recipient.



The term carbon copy is a remnant of the days in which you had to use a sheet of carbon paper inserted between two sheets of paper in a typewriter to make a copy of a memo or letter. Now, the term CC often refers to courtesy copy as well. To Cc someone on a message, click the Cc link and enter the person’s email address in the Cc field.


To blind carbon copy is to send a copy of the message to another user without the original recipient knowing or seeing the other person’s inclusion. To Bcc someone, click the Bcc link to display the field and enter the recipients.


Replay to a Message :

When you use Reply, Gmail sends a response to the sender, but if the message was originally addressed to multiple users, the Reply All command sends the response to everyone referenced on sender’s list (the To field).


1 ) Open the message to which you want to write a reply.


2 ) Click the Reply button or click the Reply link in the message text box.


3 ) Enter your reply in the text box.


4 ) Click the Send button.


5 ) Gmail sends your message and adds the reply text to the conversation. (the original message is displayed on top with the reply message underneath.)


Drafts :

If you exit a message window without sending the message, Gmail places the message in the Drafts category on the navigation sidebar (left side of the Gmail page). To view it again and work on it some more, click Drafts, and click the message. To remove it entirely, select the message’s check box and click the Discard Drafts button.


Send Emails :

Gmail keeps a copy of all the messages you send. You can  find them in the Sent category on the navigation sidebar.


Forward a message :

You can forward an existing message to a new recipient. When you forward a message, an FW: prefix is added to the subject t title, which stands for Forward.

1 ) Open the message you want to forward.


2 ) Click the More drop-down arrow.


3 ) Click Forward.


4 ) Enter the address of the person to which you want to forward the message.


5 ) Enter the message text you want to add.


6 ) Click the Send button.


Attach a File to a Message :

You can attach files to your emails to send to others. Attachments can be pictures, documents, spreadsheets, slide show presentations, and so on.


1 ) Compose a new message as you normally would.


2 ) Click the Attach Files button.


3 ) Navigate to the file you want to attach and select it.


4 ) Click the Open button.


5 ) Click the send button.


Increased Message Size :

File attachments increase the overall size of your email message. This is something to consider if you know the recipient’s email service sets limits on how much data is allowed. Some files are obviously bigger than others, with picture files often being the largest.


Download a File Attachment :

You can open attachments you receive from others and save them on your computer or save them to Google Drive. Messages with attachments are identified by a tiny paper clip icon next to the message date.


1 ) Open the message containing the file attachment.


2 ) Pause your mouse pointer over the attachment to display two option: Download or Save to Drive. Click the option you want to apply.


3 ) If you choose Save to Drive, you can optionally specify a folder to move the file to, if needed. Make a selection and click the Done button. If you choose to download the file to your computer, it’s automatically placed in your Downloads folder.


Use Caution with Attachments :

Always be mindful about viewing attachments, particularly from unknown sources. Computer hackers commonly use file attachments as a way to distribute viruses and malware. If you trust the source, you can open the downloaded file. If not, stop and run a virus check using your computer’s virus protection software.


Insert a Photo :

You can add a photo to send along within an email message.

1 ) Compose a new message as you normally would.


2 ) Click the Insert Photo icon.


3 ) Click Photos to insert a photo from Google+.


4 ) Click Albums to insert a photo from your Google album.


5 ) Click Upload to upload a photo from your computer.


6 ) Click Web Address (URL) to enter the URL of a photo already posted on the Web.


7 ) Click the Insert button to insert your specified photo. You can finish the message and send it when you’re ready.


Insert Files and Links :

You can also use the tools in the new message window to insert files and links into your message body. For example, you might send a colleague a link to an article. Simply click the appropriate tool and follow the directions in the dialog box.



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