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how to setup iCloud Mail Accounts on your Mac

Setting up iCloud Mail Accounts of your Mac

One of the benefits of every icloud account is a free me.com email address (if you previously had a mac.com address, that serves as an alias to the me. Com address).  All icloud email accounts use the IMAP email protocol so messages are saved on the server, and you can read, reply to and mark your email as read from any device.  Because IMAP is a standard mail protocol, you can use many different email programs you can use many different email programs, on many different computing platforms to work with your mail.  You’re certainly not locked into just used Apple devices.


Because messages are saved on the server the amount of space your email takes up counts against the free 5GB of storage space you get with our iCloud account.  When email arrives in your icloud email account, the email is also automatically pushed to your iOS devices, so your mail picture is the same whether you’re on a Mac or on a mobile device


Dealing with how to use the Apple Mail program on the Mac (to sent and receive mail for example) is outside the scope of this book instead, in this chapter I’m going to focus on showing you how to set up Mail with your iCloud account, depending on if you were a previous Mail user or not Again since your iCloud email account is just like any other IMAP account, you can set it up on almost any email program, just follow the maker’s instructions for setting up an account.  I will go into working with many aspects of mail using the iCloud website.  Which can be accessed from any web browser. See “Working with Mail on the icloud website”

Mobile me Mail Features Missing from Icloud Mail

There are a few things you could do with Mobile Me mail that you can’t do with iCloud mail.  First of all, iCloud user the more modern IMAP email protocol exclusively, so you can’t retrieve your messages with the POP email protocol.  In my opinion, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does limit flexibility for some people.


MobileMe email allowed you to use Apple’s mail servers, but you could change the From address of your messages, so if you had previously had a long-standing email address (on, for example your own domain).  You could use Mobile Me as your mail provider and still sent email tha appartently came from you other address.  For example, I could previously send mail from tn@negrinocom vie the Mobile Me servers.  That’s no longer possible: you must now use your.me account (or legacy. Mac account) as the From address. If this ability is important you it is available from other free email providers such as Google’s Gmail.


One minor change is that Mobile Me allowed up to five email aliases, and icloud only allows three aliases.  An alias is an email address that points to another address for example, you could have a mothi@me.comalias that you pick up on your mai.me account.  You can also use an alias address to help filter your mail using mail rules.


To setup your icloud email account in Apple mail (if you haven’t used Mail before);

On your Mac, choose applications > Mail The welcome to Mail Screen appears

You’ll be prompted for the Full Name the Email Address and the Password enter these, then click create


Mail checks to see if the email account exists and if so signed you in and he Account Summary Screen appears

(Optional) if you also want to set up your contracts and calendars to work with icloud select those checkboxes next to Also set up. I recommend that you do this.

Click create

Mail opens displayed the mail Window


To set up your icloud email account in apple Mail

(if you’ve used Mail before):

On your mac choose Applications > mail.

In Mail, Choose Mail> preference> Accounts.


The Accounts pane appears


At the lower left corner of the pane click the plus button.


The Add Account pane appears


Enter the Full Name the Email Address and the Password, then click create.

Mail checks to see if the email account exists and if so signs you in and the exists and if so signs you in and the Account Summary screen appears


(Optional) if you also want to set up your contacts and calendars to work with icloud, select those checkboxes next to Also set up. I recommend that you do this.

Click Create.

Close the Mail preference window.


Setting up mail Accounts on you iOS device

On the mac, you set up new email accounts in the Mail program, but that’s not the case on IOs.  Instead, you use the setting app. You can have more than one mail account on your iOS device, and you can even have more than one icloud account (if, for example, you have separate iCloud account for personal and school or home and work).  In this example, we’ll focus on setting up on iCloud account, but the steps you take are much the same for any email provider


The set up a mail account on an iOS device:


Tap Settings, then scroll down to Mail, contacts, Calendars , then tap that.

The Mail, contacts, calendars screen appears

Tap Add Account

On the resulting Add Account Screen , tap iCloud from the list of email providers.

If you choose a different provider, you may have to enter a bit more information.  For example, if you choose Gmail, you’ll be asked for your name, email address, password and a description of the account.

Enter your Apple ID and password, then tap the Next button

On this screen, if you don’t already have an Apple ID, you have the opportunity to get one by tapping the Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom of the screen.  That takes you through creating an Apple ID process.

The device verifies your Apple ID and password, then brings you to the iCloud setting screen , which allows you to turn iCloud services on or off for your device. As you can see, most settings are turned on by default.  Choose the settings you wish to enable on that particular device then tap save.

The devices will return to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen, showing the new account .  If you have more than one iCloud account, the second one will appear showing the email address associated with that account as the name of the account.

(Optional) If you want to rename the additional account to something other than the email address, tap the account name on the Mail, contacts, Calendars screen, tap the Account field G and in the resulting Account Screen, change the Description H. Tap the Done button when you are returned to the Mail.  Contacts, calendars screen, things may not appear to have initially changed.  But leaving the screen and returning shows the change was made



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