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how to use audio adjustments on your smartphone

Yes, the phone makes noise. Incoming calls ring, you hear the sound of someone else on the line, and the various apps, alarms, and media beep, bleep, and blort. The Settings app is the place to go when the phone’s sound needs fine-tuning.


Setting the volume :

To adjust the volume for all potential sounds the phone can make, follow these steps:

1 .  Open the Settings app and choose Sound & Notification.

This item might be titled sound and Vibration or just Sound.


2 .  On some Samsung phones, choose the Volume item.


3 .  Adjust the sliders to set the volume for various noises the phone makes.

These are the three common Android volume sliders:

Media volume controls the sound for movies, videos, audio in the web browser, and so on.

Alarm volume sets the intensity used for the Clock app’s alarm.

Ring Volume sets the phone’s ringtone volume. This category includes incoming calls and notifications, although some phones may feature a separate slider for notifications.


Other sliders may appear, such as System to adjust any volume not covered by the other categories.


4 .  Slide the gizmo to the left to make a sound quieter; slide to the right to make a sound louder.

When you lift your finger, you hear a sound preview.

If you’d like the phone to vibrate on an incoming call, enable the Also Vibrate for Calls setting. This item might be titled Vibrate When Ringing, and it may be found on a separate Vibrations item on the Sound & Notification screen.


Use the phone’s Volume key to make the sound louder (up) or softer (down) for whatever you’re listening to, such as music or an incoming call. The Volume key works even when the phone is locked.


Selecting the phone’s ringtone :

To set a new ringtone for your phone, or to simply confirm which ringtone it’s using, follow these steps:

1 .  Open the Settings app and choose Sound & Notification.

The item may be titled Sounds and Vibration.


2 .  Choose Phone Ringtone or Ringtone.


3 .  Choose a ringtone from the list.

You hear the ringtone’s preview.


4 .  Tap OK to set the new ringtone, or tap CANCEL or the Back navigation icon to keep the current ringtone.

The phone’s notification ringtone is set separately from the incoming –call ringtone. To set the notification ringtone, choose the item Default Notification Ringtone or Notification Sound in Step 2.


  • If a ringtone app is installed, you may see a Complete Action Using card after Step 2. Choose the ringtone app to use it as a source, or choose Media Storage or Android System to choose one of the phone’s preset ringtones.


  • Various apps may set their own ringtones, such as text messaging ringtones and alert sounds for Facebook. These ringtones are set within the given app: Look for a Settings action in the app, either found on the navigation drawer or accessed by tapping the Action Overflow icon.


  • To disable the ringtone, choose None in Step 3. If you do so, I recommend activating the Vibration option so that the phone vibrates on an incoming call Further keep in mind that it’s possible to temporarily disable sound on your phone.


  • Vibration settings are also found on the Sound & Notification screen in the Settings app.


Setting a contact’s ringtone :

Ringtones can be assigned by contact so that whenever your annoying friend Larry calls, you can have your phone yelp like a whiny puppy. Here’s how to set a ringtone for a contact:


1 .  Open the Contacts app.


2 .  Choose the contact for whom you want to assign a ringtone.


3 .  Edit the contact.

Tap the Edit icon (shown in the margin) or tap the EDIT button.


4 .  Tap the Action Overflow and choose Set Ringtone.

On some phones, tap the More Fields item to view the Ringtone option.


5 .  Select a ringtone from the list.

The ringtone you choose plays a brief preview.


6 .  Tap OK to set the ringtone.

Some phones may automatically assign the ringtone.


7 .  Save the edits.

Tap the Done icon or SAVE button to lock in your changes.

Whenever the contact calls, the phone rings using the ringtone you’ve specified.

To remove a specific ringtone for a contact, repeat the steps in this section, but in Step 5 choose Default ringtone. (It’s found at the top of the list.) This choice sets the contact’s ringtone to be the same as the phone’s ringtone.



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