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how to managing files ,Unmounting and Formatting microSD card , how to Streaming your own media on smartphone

Managing files :

You probably didn’t get an Android phone because you enjoy managing files on a computer and wanted another gizmo to hone your skills. Even so, you can practice the same type of the file manipulation on a phone as you would on a computer. Is there a need to do so? Of course not! But if you want to get dirty with files, you can.


To view files and folders, attempt these steps:


1 ) Open the Settings app and choose Storage & USB.

This item might be title Storage.


2 ) Swipe to the bottom of the screen and choose Explore.

You see folders and files stored on your phone.


Some Android phones come with a file management app. It’s called My Files or File manager, and it’s a traditional type of file manager, which means that if you detest managing files on your computer, you’ll enjoy the same pain and frustration on your phone.


  •  If you simply want to peruse files you’ve downloaded from the internet, open the Downloads app, found in the apps drawer.


  • When your phone lacks a file management app, you can swiftly obtain one. An abundance of file management apps are available from Google Play.


Unmounting the microSD card :

The microSD card provides removable storage on a handful of Android phones. When the phone is turned off, you can insert or remove the microSD card at will; directions are provided . The microSD card can also be removed when the phone is turned on, but you must first unmount the card. Obey these steps:


1 ) Open the Setting app and choose Storage & USB or Storage.

On some Samsung phones, tap the General tab to locate the Storage item.


2 ) Choose Unmount SD card.

This item is found near the bottom of the screen. If not, your phone lacks the ability to host a removable microSd card.


3 ) Ignore the warning and tap the OD button.


4 ) When you see the Mount Sd Card action, it’s safe to remove the microSD card.

It’s important that you follow these steps to safely remove the microSD card. If you don’t and you simply pop out the card, it can damage the card and lose information


You can insert a microSD card at any time.


Formatting microSD storage :

Your Android phone is designed to instantly recognize a microSD card when it’s inserted. If it doesn’t, you can attempt to format the card to see whether that fixes the problem. Follow these steps to determine whether a format is in order.


1 ) Open the Settings app choose the Storage & USB item


2 ) Choose Format SD card.


3 ) Tap the Format SD card button.

All data on the microSD card is erased by the formatting process.


4 ) Tap the DELETE All button to confirm.

Not every phone displays the DELETE All confirmation button.

The microSD card is unmounted, formatted, and then mounted again and made ready for use.


How to Streaming your own media :

When you desire to watch movies, look at your photos, or listen to music on a large-format screen, it’s time to screencast: This technology takes the media presented on your phone (video or music) and streams it to an HDTV, a monitor, or another compatible device.


To successfully stream media, you need a casting gizmo attached to the output device. Google prefers that you use the Chromecast dongle, which works naturally with your Android phone. When that step is completed, streaming your media works like this:


1 ) Open the app that plays the media you want to watch or listen to.

Compatible apps include Play Music, Play Movies & TV, YouTube, Netflix, and so on.


2 ) Tune the HDTV or monitor to the proper HDMI input.

For example, if a Chromecast dongle is installed on HDMI Input 4, switch the TV to that input. The casting dongle must be awake and active.


3 ) Tap the Chromecast icon.

The icon appears similar to the one shown in the margin. If you don’t see this icon, either the Chromecast dongle isn’t awake or the media cannot be cast to another device.


4 ) Choose an output device from the list.

The phone begins to send the media to the other device.


You can still use your phone while it’s casting. The app on the screen may offer you controls, such as Play and Pause, or it might display additional information about the media.


To stop streaming, tap the Chromecast icon again, and then tap the DISCONNECT button.



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