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how to use email ?

E-mail :

E-mail is an electronic mail.  It is used to send and receive mails using computers through internet.  Email allows the user to send data in the form of text, pictures, sound and video to a remote computer on the Internet.


Some of the familiar servers that offer free email services on the Internet are as follows






E-mail address :

The computers having e-mail facility are given a unique address called e-mail address.  The general form of e-mail addresses



For example :



How to Create a E-mail id :

To create an email-account the following steps are to be followed

  1. System must have net connection
  2. Choose a web Brower by clicking its icon (e.g. Mozilla Fire for, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  3. Type URL of the e-mail service provider on the address bar of the browser. For Example: gmail.com,
  4. Click Create an account
  5. The application program prompts the user to enter

First Name

Last Name

Login name


Security question

  1. Click on I accept, agreeing to the terms and service provided by the service
  2. This will create a mail id for the user

Sending and receiving mails :

To send a file in Gmail follow the below steps

  1. Connect the system to the internet
  2. Open internet explorer
  3. Open your Gmail account on gmail.com
  4. Click the compose Mail link
  5. Type the To address and subject
  6. Type the message
  7. Once you’re ready to sent the message, click the send button

To receive a file in Gmail follow the below steps :

  • Connect the system to the internet
  • Open internet explorer
  • Open your Gmail account on www.gmail.com
  • Type your username and password
  • Click inbox folder
  • It displays the list of messages

Attaching a File :

To attach a file to a message you’re composing, follow the steps below:

  1. In Gmail, click the Compose button
  2. Click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the compose window
  3. Browse through your files and click the name of the file you’d like to attach
  4. Click Open

The various functions of e-mail are as follows:

  • Send messages
  • Receive messages
  • Reply to messages
  • Forward messages
  • Send the same message to a list of people with one stroke
  • Attach a text flee
  • Save mail to a file and print messages.

Advantages of e-mail :

  • The delivery of messages is very fast.
  • The cost of e-mailing is almost free
  • Multiple copies of the same message can be sent to a group of people at the same time
  • Pictures, documents and other files can also be attached to messages

Disadvantages of e-mail :

  • Although e-mail delivered instantly, the recipient may or may not read on time.

The slightest error in the address or a failure in one of the link between sender and receiver is enough to prevent a delivery


Instant Messaging (IM) :

An instant messenger is a client that hooks up to an instant messaging service. Instant messaging differs from e-mail in the conversations happen in real-time.  Also most services offer a “presence awareness” feature, indicating whether people on one’s list of contacts are currently online and available to chat.  This may be called a Buddy List’.

Generally both parties in the conversation see each line of text right after it is typed (line-by line), thus making it more like a telephone conversation that exchanging letters.  Instant messaging applications may also include the ability to post an away message, the equivalent of the message on a telephone answering machine


Popular IM programs :

The available instant messaging programs are follows:


AOL instant Messenger –www.aim.com

Yahoo! Messenger – messenger .yahoo.com

MSN Messenger – messenger.msn.com

Google Talk – www.google.com/talk

ICQ (“I seek you”) – www.icq.com


Instant messaging includes additional features; For example, user can see each other by using web cameras or talk directly for free over the Internet using a microphone and head phones or loudspeakers.  Many client programs allow file transfers as well, although they are typically limited in the permissible file-size.



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