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how to use bulk action on your gmail account ?

Sometimes you may want to move emails to spam, delete or archive many emails at bulk you can do it by using the checkboxes

Below is the view of your Gmail inbox


As soon as you tick the check box you will see a bar appear above your messages folder or section (we take inbox for this example) as shown below


To select multiple emails you can click the checkbox one by one

To select a continuous series of email to perform some action, select the first check box in the series. Now holding the shift key, select the last continuous email and release the shift key. If you want to continue the selection after leaving the next two subsequent emails and then select a continuous series of email you can do it following the same process.


Let me explain you with an example

Say there are ten emails in the inbox and you want to select the first five emails

click the checkbox on the left of the first email. Hold the shift key and click the checkbox left to the fifth email

Now if you want to leave the email six and seven and select the rest of the emails, select the eighth email by clicking the checkbox, then select the tenth email while holding shift key.


How to select all the emails in that page ?

click the check box which is above the mailbox All the email you see in that page will be selected. Once you move or delete the selected email (we will learn this later in this chapter) you will see the other emails present in the folder.

Sometimes you may wish to select all the emails of the folder so that you can empty the folder or do some other action. For that you should click the checkbox above the folder and then click the link select all 200 conversations in primary (for example) or a similar link at the top as shown in the below image.


Then you can perform the desired action by clicking the icons as shown before

There are also more options available for selection you can access them by clicking the small down arrow button near the checkbox at top

The options you will see are shown below


All selects all the messages in the page None deselects all the messages in the page Read selects all the messages you have already opened

Unread selects all the messages which have not been opened and viewed by you

Starred selects all that emails which has been starred as important

Unstarred selects all the messages which are not starred

Now you may want to know what a starred message is

You can star an email by clicking the star symbol on the left side of an email.

Or by clicking the star symbol in the right side of the email message near the date (while the message is open) this helps you categorize the emails which you think is important, we will discuss more about categorizing in a later chapter.

Now let us see the buttons which appear after you select the emails.



when you press this button after selecting the emails all the selected emails will be put in to archive, (i.e.) they will be moved from your inbox and put into all mails section. If you find an email which is not very important but you think you may need it for reference in late future you can put them in the archive. The mail will not be deleted but it will disappear from the inbox. This is helpful in clearing your inbox but in my opinion folders are a better option


How to access an archived mail?

You can access an archived mail in the all mail section in from the navigation slide bar in the left side, below your labels and above the starred link.

You can also access all mail section by typing all mail in the search bar and pressing enter key.


Report spam/ mark as spam:

by clicking this button, selected email will be moved to spam. All the future emails sent from that email address will also automatically be moved to spam. So please use this button wisely only when it is actually needed.

Please check the spam folder every 15-20 days and do a quick scroll to see if you find anything important there. If you find an email which is not spam, you can select that particular email from the spam folder and mark it as not spam. The email goes back to inbox.

I asked you to check the spam folder once in a while within 15-20 days because if an email stays in spam folder for 30 days it will automatically deleted permanently.


Delete/ send to thrash:

this button is used to delete emails which you don’t need any more the email stays there for 30 days from the date of deletion and then it is permanently deleted.

To get back an email you have accidentally deleted you can go to thrash folder and select the particular email and press move to folder and select inbox


All though we have discussed bulk actions with the help of inbox these are available in all the folders and sections of Gmail.



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