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how to increase views on your BLOG AND WEBSITE ?


A blog is a website in itself and can be used to attract visitors to your page. The blog does not need to focus on selling anything; it simply wants to be seen as a respected and authoritative guide to a given subject. This can take the form of a journal, updated daily or it may be a review of the latest products and technologies.

The purpose of a blog is to create a fan base, a legion of followers who respect the information you provide and will use your reviews and tips to help them make a decision on which product to buy. There is no shortcut when creating a blog and building this following.

You must create regular blogs and each one must have quality content; it is the quality of your content that will attract other readers and eventually build your following. This is usually a slow process; unless you manage to hit on a product or video which goes viral (quickly spreads around the internet). As you start to attract followers, they will tell their friends and it will become a snowball effect.

These blogs should be linked to your own website, any factual information can be posted in your site and quoted as the source for your blog; this will increase the respectability of your site and encourage new people to visit your site. Establishing a link between your website or sites and your blog will also help your ranking in the search engines; even blogging can become part of your SEO campaign!



Social Media:

This approach is very similar to the blog approach in that you have to build a following and this can take time. Just like the blogs your following will build gradually although your blog and your social media account can be linked to speed up this process. Social media is not designed for big spiels of information, it is usually used in conjunction with a blog or website and designed to keep your followers up to date with your activities. This ensures you and your product remains at the forefront of their mind, should they need anything you are selling they will think of you first!

Social media icons are normally displayed on your website. The idea is that your visitors will like your site; to do this they create a connection between their social media account and your site. These connections are seen by the search engines as votes for your site. The more votes you receive the better your site is deemed to be and the higher you will be placed in the rankings. Effective internet marketing is a mixture of building a website, a blog and a social media following. The higher your profile becomes the higher you will move up the rankings and the more visitors you are likely to get. This is why the process is a gradual one; as your followers build you will rapidly multiply your new followers and your brand identity.


To ensure you make the most of your site optimization, social media and blogs it is essential to remember the following guidelines:


Define your Keywords:

it is impossible to create a successful internet marketing strategy without having defined your keywords. As the information above shows; it is essential to establish a position in the search results. Without keywords you will not have anything to target; your content will have no visible links and every piece will register as a separate query with the search engines. You will never climb up the ratings! Keywords are used on your website, your blog and your social media account as well as in every article you produce. The search engines will then see a large amount of traffic going through your site and link you, as a professional site, to the words chosen; this will ensure you feature highly on the search results page.



SEO is essential. As mentioned, your keywords must be prevalent in order to establish your viability as a professional professional website. Alongside ensuring your keywords are placed in the right parts of each document, you must also remember to build your off page content. Links in particular will establish you as a reputable site and this will reflect in your standing with the search engines



whether a blog, a social media feed or content on your own website it is essential to be constantly developing fresh content. The more quality content you post, preferably regularly, the more links and comments you will get. As each of these counts as a vote in your favor you can move up the rankings by getting your content correct.


Social Media is incredibly popular; to promote your business it is essential to put regular updates in your internet marketing strategy. Social media opens the door to a huge number of people, both customers and potential customers. As well as building followers by posting regularly you can build the reputation of your business by participating in industry discussions and showing that you know your chosen subject. It is important to include plenty of keywords in your social media posts and make sure that people can link to your website; if they want to.


Generating Leads is fantastic:

the above path should have provided you with a good internet following. However, it is no, use having the whole world follow you if none of them are interested in what you are selling! To capture the sale you need to provide visitors to your website with several calls to action; these are messages prompting them to do something; like purchase your product. This is also the opportunity to convert those who are interested but unsure; tweak their interest a little more by giving them some compelling facts, a sample and an offer they can simply not refuse. After all, the point of the internet marketing campaign is to generate sales.

Finally, it is essential to analyze and evaluate your performance and your strategy. It is possible to change your strategy at any time and very important to change it as quickly as possible if it is not working. There are a variety of tools available on line which will help you monitor website visitors, number of sales, conversion rate and even the response to your keywords. Use every tool you have available to evaluate and improve your marketing strategy.



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