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how to composing new text message on your smartphone

When you have only a phone number and you know it can receive text message follow these steps to send a text


1)Open the phone’s texting app.


2)If it opens a specific conversation, tap the Back navigation icon to view the main screen.


3)Tap the Add icon to start a new conversation.

The Add icon may look similar to what’s shown in the margin, or it could be a Pencil icon or something similar.


4)Type the phone number.

As you type, matching contacts appear. You can also type a contact name, if the person is already in the phone’s address book.


5)Type the message in the Send Message box.


6)Tap the Send icon or SEND button to send the message.


Sending a text to multiple contacts :

To send the message to multiple contacts, repeat the steps from the preceding section but in Step 4 continuing typing phone numbers or contact names. That’s what makes the message a group text.


When you receive a group text message (one that has several recipients), you can choose whether to reply to everyone. Look for the Reply All icon or button when composing your response. But please use caution when replying to every-one. Many people don’t like group text messages, because they can go on forever and be horribly annoying.


Continuing a text message conversation :

The text messaging app keeps track of old conversations, and you can pick up where you left off at any time: open the texting app, peruse the list of existing conversations, and tap one to review what has been said or to begin something new.


Receiving a text message :

New text messages are heralded by a notification atop the screen, similar to the one shown in the margin. If the phone is on, you may even see a card slide in with the message, as illustrated in Figure 8-2:


     Dan Gookin                                                                   20.20

I saw Dexter Worbletyme the other day. He misses.


Figure 8-2:

A new message

has arrived.



Texting isn’t about proper English. Indeed, many of the abbreviations and shortcuts used in texting. Such as LOL and BRB, are slowly becoming part of the English language.


The weird news is that these acronyms weren’t invented by teenagers. Sure, the kids use them, but the acronyms have their roots in the Internet chat rooms of yesteryear. Regardless of its source, you might find using a shortcut handy for typing messages quickly. Or maybe you can use this reference for deciphering an acronym’s meaning. You can type acronyms in either uppercase or lowercase letters.



2 To,also OMG oh my goodness!
411 Information PIR People in room (watching)
BRB Be right back POS Person over shoulder (watching)
BTW By the way QT Cutie
CYA See you ROPL Rolling on the floor, laughing
FYI For your information SOS Someone over shoulder (watching)



Goodbye SMH Shaking my head
GJ Good  job TC Take care
GRB Great THX Thanks
GTG Got to go TIA Thanks in advance
HOAS Hold on a second TMI Too much information
IC I see TTFN Ta-ta for now (goodbye)
IDK I don’t TTYL Talk to you later
IMO In my opinion TY Thank you
JK Just kidding U2 You too
K Okay UR You’re, you are
L8R Later VM Voicemail
LMAO Laughing my ass off W8 Wait
LMK Let me know XOXO Hugs and kisses
LOL Laugh out loud Y Why?
NC No comment YW You’re welcome
NP No problem ZZZ Sleeping
NRN No reply needed(necessary)


If you see the message card, tap it to view the message and tap the REPLY button. Some phones may show more buttons, which offer more control. Otherwise, you can ignore the message card and it goes away. The message itself, and the notification icon, remain until you view the message.


  • Choose the new text message notification to view any new text message.


  • The Messenger (on similar) app may show a counter flag, similar to what’s shown in the margin, indicating unread text messages.


Forwarding a text message :

It’s possible to forward a text message, but it’s not the same as forwarding email: Your phone lets you forward only the information in a text messaging cartoon bubble, not the entire conversation. Here’s how it works:


1)If necessary, open a conversation in the phone’s texting app.


2)Long-press the text entry (the cartoon bubble) you want to forward.


3)Choose Forward or Forward Message.

The command may appear as a message, or you may see an action bar atop the screen. If so, choose the Forward icon, shown in the margin, from the action bar.


From this point on, forwarding the message works like sending a new message from scratch: Choose a recipient or type their contact name or phone number. The text from the cartoon bubble you selected (refer to Step 2) is pasted into the Send Message text box. Tap the Send icon or SEND button to forward the message.


Other icons that may appear on the action bar (refer to step 3) include Share, Copy, Info, and Delete (trash).



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