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what is Bluetooth Connection , how to use on your smartphone

Technology nerds have long had the desire to connect high-tech gizmos with one another. The Bluetooth standard was developed to sate this desire in a wireless way. Although Bluetooth is wireless communication, it’s not the same as wireless networking. It’s more about connecting peripheral devices, such as those wireless earpieces that are so popular among the golf shirt crowd.


Understanding Bluetooth :

To make Bluetooth work on your phone, you need a Bluetooth peripheral, such as a wireless earpiece. The goal is to pair that gizmo with your phone. Here’s how the operation works:


1) Turn on the Bluetooth radio on both your phone and the peripheral.


2) Make the peripheral discoverable.

The peripheral broadcasts that it’s available for dating other devices.


3) On your phone, choose the peripheral from the list of Bluetooth devices.


4) If prompted, confirm the connection on the peripheral device.

For example, you may be asked to input a code or press a button.


5) Use the Bluetooth peripheral.

When you’re done using the device, turn it off. Because the peripheral is paired with your phone, it’s automatically reconnected the next time you turn it on- as long as the phone’s Bluetooth radio is active.


Bluetooth devices are marked with the Bluetooth logo, shown in the margin. It’s your assurance that the gizmo can work with other Bluetooth devices.


Activating Bluetooth on the phone :

You must turn on the phone’s Bluetooth radio before you can use one of those Borg-earpiece implants and join the ranks of the walking connected. Assimilate these steps:


1) Open the Settings app.


2) Choose Bluetooth.

On some Samsung phones, you’ll find the Bluetooth item on the connections tab.


3) Ensure that the Bluetooth master control is set to the On position.

Slide the icon to the right to activate.


When Bluetooth is on, the Bluetooth status icon appears. It uses the Bluetooth logo, shown in the margin


To turn off Bluetooth, repeat the steps in this section, but slide the master control to the off position in Step 3


The Bluetooth quick setting can also be used to activate and deactivate the phone’s Bluetooth radio.


Paring with a Bluetooth peripheral :

To make the Bluetooth connection between your phone and some other gizmo, such as Bluetooth headset, follow these steps:


1) Ensure that phone’s Bluetooth radio is on.

Refer to the preceding section.


2) Make the Bluetooth peripheral discoverable.

Turn on the gizmo and ensure that its Bluetooth radio is on. If the device has separate power and Bluetooth switches, press the Bluetooth button or take whatever action is necessary to make the peripheral discoverable.


3) On the phone, open the Settings app and choose Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth screen shows already paired and available peripherals, similar to what’s shown in Figure . If not, tap the Refresh button or Scan button, or tap the Action Overflow to look for similar actions.


4) Choose the Bluetooth peripheral from the list.


5) If necessary, type the device’s passcode or otherwise acknowledge the connection.

For example, press the button on the Bluetooth earpiece to complete the pairing.

After pairing, you can begin using the device.


Connected devices appear on the Bluetooth screen, under the heading Paired Devices, such as the Nica earpiece.


  • To break the connection, you can either turn off the gizmo or disable the Bluetooth radio on your phone. Because the devices are paired, when you turn on Bluetooth and reactivate the device, the connection is reestablished.


  • It’s rare to unpair a device. Should you need to, visit the Bluetooth screen .and tap the Settings icon by the device’s entry. Choose the Unpair action or tap the OK button to terminate the pairing.


  • Unpair only the devices that you don’t plan to use again. Otherwise, just turn off the Bluetooth device when you’re done using it.


  • The Bluetooth radio consumes a lot of power. Don’t forget to turn off the device, especially a battery-powered one, when you’re no longer using it with your phone.



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