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Internet Service Provider (ISP)

about Internet Service Provider (ISP) ?

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Internet service providers (ISPs) are companies that help users connect to the Internet for a monthly fee.  In return, they provide a username, a password, and telephone number.  The username and the password are used to authenticate the user on the Internet.  The telephone number is used to establish connection with the dial-up server of the ISP.  However, to access the Internet a user (Client Computer) requires a modem.


Some of the popular ISPs are Prodigy. America Online, Microsoft network, World Net, NetZero.


Connecting to the Internet

To connect the Internet the user needs to have the following components.

  • Telephone line is a medium through which the data is transferred from one computer to another.
  • Modem or Network Card.

Network card also called a Network Interface Card NIC is hardware that allows a computer to connect to the Internet through a network or a high speed Internet connection such as LAN, cable modem or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).


Types of Internet Connections

Some of the common types of internet access are as follows:

Dialup Connection

Dialup service uses a modem and phone line to dial into a (Point to Point Protocol) PPP account on an internet providers computer.  Most ISPs support modems at speed of 14.4 Kbps, 28.8 kbps, and 56 kbps.  You connect only when you want to use Internet services and disconnect (hang up) when you are done


If a computer is connected to the Internet, the user usually cannot receive voice calls during this time.  If the voices calls do not calls do not connect, the Internet connection is interrupted.  To prevent this users often install an extra phone line dedicated to Internet service.


Cable Modems

Transmit the data over the cables that bring television to homes business.  Many users share the bandwidth.  This sharing can reduce the bandwidth available to each person when many use the system simultaneously.



Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a broadband service that allows computers to be connected to all times to the Internet over existing phone lines, without interfering with telephone services.  DSL requires a special modem provided by the ISP



Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) uses an upgraded phone line, all digital technology and supports simultaneous Internet processing and phone use.  ADSL is optimized for the way many people use the internet- more downloads than upload.  The line is asymmetric, because it has more capacity for data received by your computer (such an graphics, video, audio and software upgrades) than for data that you send (such as email and browser commands).  ADSL is one of a family of DSL products.



ISDN is available from all local telephone companies.  (Integrated Service Digital Network) provides Internet service over either digital or standard telephone lines.  ISDN requires specialized hardware called a terminal adapter (TA).  ISDN is an upgraded phone line that can be used for faster Internet access and for regular voice calls.  Using one line you can talk on the phone while you are surfing the web.  ISDN is digital which means that does not have to be converted to an analog signal.



Digital Satellite Systems or Direct Broadcast satellites get internet information by satellite.  We receive data from the internet at a high speed via satellite.  But to send data to the Internet you need a dialup connection and an ISP.


Wireless Internet Access

Wireless internet access requires attaching a special radio modem to the laptop.  To acquire satellite access satellite dish is needed.



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