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about Internet Explorer (IE) ?

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) has become the overwhelming standard for browsing web pages online.  All Windows-based computers come pre-installed with Internet Explorer, and versions appear on other platforms.  This prevalence (along with speed, stability, and ease of use) is what has led to IE being the preferred web browser for both creators and users of the World Wide Web.


Opening Microsoft Internet Explorer

Start-     All Programs      Internet Explorer, or look for the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop or quick launch

how to open ie


Features of Internet Explorer 6

  • Internet Explorer 6 offers extended Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) 2.0 HTML+TIME (Timed Interactive Multimedia Extensions) functionality. This enables HTML declarations to provide full-feature animated transitions without using script.
  • Internet Explorer 6 provides additional support for the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 and Cascading Style Sheets, Level 1 (CSS) standards.
  • Web developers can intercept navigation errors with the Navigate Error event of the Web Browser control. Users can then be redirected to an error site chosen by the Web developer.
  • Internet Explorer 6 implements the on mouse wheel event, allowing Web developers to add localized mouse wheel functionality to their pages, and permitting a richer user experience.
  • Rendered elements that overflow in width now shows ellipses.
  • My Pictures toolbar makes Web images more available to the casual user. The toolbar appears when the user moves the mouse over large images, and enables the user to save the image, print it, or send it as an e-mail message.
  • The Media Bar toolbar integrates media into the browsing experience. Users can select and play sound media from the browser without opening a separate application.
  • Users can now set the level of privacy they want when browsing by specifying whether Web hosts can collect client information through cookies.

Searching the internet

Searching means locating a particular information on the web site.  The internet provides a wealth of information on virtually any topic to help users locate information, many websites provide search engines that explore the internet and maintain searchable records containing information about web site content.


The various search engines are as follows:









When the user enters a word or phrase, the search engine return list of hyperlink to sites that satisfy the search criteria.  Each search engine site has different criteria for narrowing searches, such as publishing date, language and relevance. IE6 has a built in Meta search engine that is accessed by clicking the search button in the task bar.


Online Help and Tutorials

Online help

Online help can be sued at any time if you are stuck with particular task and just need reminding.  All GPPs have online help usually by pressing a key clinking on an icon on the toolbar or from list on a menu


Online tutorial

An online tutorial is a program which you often use when you are learning the basics of a GPP. It leads you step by step through the basics of crating and editing documents through a set of lessons.


Web browser is complex pieces of software with rich functionality.  Although browser designers make every effort to produce user-friendly software, use still used time to familiarize themselves with each web browser and its particulars features.


File Transmission Protocol (FTP)

FTP is a protocol and also is software that is used to transfer files.  As a protocol, it is used by the application but as a program it is employed by the users to transfer files.  FTP allows the user to access directories and files and relocating a file is also possible with the help of Telnet, FTP logs into the FTP server and then provides for the transfer of files.When FTP is sued, it prompts for the user name and password after authentication the FTP client can access the FTP server and transfer required file.


A FTP site begin with ftp://. FTP sites consist of files with information on books, music, software, games, images, sounds, multimedia, courseware etc.

Browser settings


Enable Microsoft Internet Explorer 6


  • From the browser’s Tools menu select “Internet options”
  • Select the security tab.
  • Pick the “Internet Zone” icon
  • Push the “Custom Level.” Button
  • Scroll down the settings list to the Scripting item (You may need to double-click on icons to expand lists.)
  • Under the “active scripting” items, choose the Enable radio button
  • Push OK and Yes to confirm and close the Security Settings
  • Dialog box, the OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.
  • Refresh the current page.

To delete cookies in Internet Explorer 6

  • Run Internet Explorer
  • Open the Tools menu
  • Select Internet options to open the Dialog box
  • Click the “Delete Cookies” Button
  • Click OK

Increasing the size of the text

Some users find screen text easier to read by increasing the size that the text is displayed to do this in Microsoft internet Explorer, go to the ‘Vie menu’ select Text Size and the select either “Larger’ or “Largest”

Changing the display on the Screen

Internet explorer provides other ways in which you can tune how a directgov page displays on your screen. For example you remove the background colors and choose which colors to have links and visited links displayed.  You can make these changes by.

about ie in google


  • Going to the ‘Tools” menu at the top of the page
  • Selecting” Internet Options ..” from the menu
  • Clicking the ‘Accessibility…’button

Then tick the box ‘Ignore colors specified on Web pages’.  Then click the “OK’ button.  This will which off the background colors in Directgov.

Un-tick the box “Use Windows colors”.  You can then specify which colors you would prefer to be displayed for the text and for links.  You can also specify colors to be used for links your have previously visited and links when your mouse hovers over them You can choose the colors of text and links



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